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Sisco de Gama is born in March 2022 by Nizara do Luar and Equador MVL.

Equador MVL participated in the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. Nizara do Luar is an elegant mare who won a gold medal in Holland and Belgium at the Lusitanian championship in model and gaits at the 1 year old category then a gold medal silver in the Lusitano championship in model and gaits in the 2 years category in Belgium. 

This foal has inherited his mother's excellent trot and his father's exceptional walk and canter. We can't wait to see him evolve and think that he has good dressage potential. He is easy to handle due to his calm and frank temper.

This foal is available for sale.

Horses for sale


Opio LP is a gelding born in 2018 within the Lusitano LP breeding at Laurence Pirotte. Opio is a son of Vanille de Massa and Indigo LBA.

This horse is now 5 years old and started work this summer. Opio measures 1m66 at the withers. Opio has a very good character and is a trustworthy horse, extremely kind and without any vices.

Opio is offered for sale. This horse is of high quality and could become an excellent horse in various disciplines. 

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